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Sunday, June 30, 2013

When purchasing cowboy boots it is all about the detail. Check out these Black Jack Natural Alligator Tail Cowboy Boots. You get different textures with these western boots. The boots are made out of 100% gator. You will love the two tone colors against each other. Comfort is even included with these unique boots! All that and free shipping!

If you are looking to spend a little less money on detailed cowboy boots check out these Wild West Rustic Black J-Caiman Tail Cowboy Boots. Amazing detail, high quality, double the textures with amazing colors, total comfort and free shipping!

You can even design your own boots! All of our boots come with free shipping with your order of $50 or more. Come visit Tim's Boots today!

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Friday, June 28, 2013

How many pairs of cowboy boots do you own? We have seen people that wish they owned a pair, are saving for their first pair of western boots to people that have a closet full of boots!

If you have a pair or multiple pairs of boots, were you a kid, teen or adult when you received your first pair? Was it love at first sight? If you bought or were given a high quality pair of boots surely you were hooked due to the comfort and style.

What style of western boots do you own? Square toe, pointed toe, brown boots, black boots, etc.! Do you have a pair of boots that look like these marvelous Dolly Boots in Chocolate, Tan and Turquoise? If not, snap them up now!

Check out all of the unique boots that are only made of high quality materials by experts when you visit Tim's Boots today!

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Monday, June 24, 2013

(Candy dish with glass and glass rocks/marbles in middle of glass) 

The new craze is handmade glass plate bird feeders for your yard. Have you seen the new lawn art that is taking up a storm? Crafty people are taking glass old dishes, knickknacks, glass candlesticks and more to create glass plate bird feeders. If you love cowboy boots you can create your own bird feeder.

Make Your Own Cowboy Boot Bird Feeder

1. Simply buy one of the glass boots that you see at bars and restaurants.
2. Take the glass boot and glue it with *GE Silicone Sun and Rain Adhesive to a clear plate.
(*Found at Walmart.)
3. Next take a clear glass like the one in the first photo and glue to bottom of the clear plate.
4. Fill glass with glass marbles or glass stones.
5. Now glue another clear glass plate to the bottom of the glass.
6. Put a glass candle stick on the bottom.
7. Let dry.
8. You may choose to put the bird feeder on a stake or drill holes into the glass boot. I would recommend the stake until you have become crafty at drilling holes in glass without breaking it.

Now it's time for you to sit back and relax and check out some of these amazing boots! Like these Lane Boots Dolly in Black Cowgirl Boots. Stunning boots that will match all of your attire.

These Black Jack Hand Tooled Cowgirl Boots are stunning as well! You can find these unique boots when you visit Tim's Boots today!

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Photo taken 1 day before suddenly passing away

Rest in peace actor James Gandolfini. He is now wearing his cowboy boots in heaven. Mr. Gandolfini is best known for his mafia boss acting part in the popular HBO series The Sopranos. The Sopranos ran from 1999 to 2007. He has been in other movies and will be remembered as a superior actor.

He was traveling in Rome when he suddenly died. The cause of death of the 51-year-old actor is a suspected heart attack, but has not been confirmed.

The actor will be missed. He was one of the best. You believed he was a mob boss. You believed each and every character he played in television shows as well as movies. Friends say it didn't matter who you were, what your job status was, James respected you.

James and his wife, Deborah, have one child. 

Please Don't Cry

© Joe Green

Please don’t cry
I’m not really gone
When you look out the window
I’ll be standing on the lawn

Please don’t cry
I’ll see you again
Don’t be sad
Keep up your chin

Please don’t cry
I’m not really dead
When you cry yourself to sleep
I’ll be by your bed

Please don’t cry
Just because we had to part
As long as you remember me 
I’ll live in your heart

Please don’t cry
I’m not gone forever
I’ll be a cool and gentle breeze
In hot summer weather 

Please don’t cry
Don’t run and hide
When you need a shoulder to lean on
I’ll be by your side

Please don’t cry
When you’re sad and weak
I’ll be there
To kiss you on the cheek

Please don’t cry
This is just a goodbye
So please, oh please
Baby, do not cry

Source: Please Don't Cry, Sympathy Poem 

Tim's Boots 

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The 4th of July is almost here. Make sure you have a snazzy pair of western boots to wear to the celebration picnic you will be attending. You may be taking your sweetheart to see 4th of July fireworks. You can wear your comfortable boots to the spectacular show!

Get yourself a pair of western boots like these Old West Black Cherry Men's Cowboy Work Boots. These comfortable boots are perfect for work or wearing to the July 4th fireworks or simply just because.

Let your children get into the American celebration with a new pair of red cowboy boots. These Old West Children's Western Boots are stylish and comfortable. Your children will want to wear these boots every single day!

Chose a pair of cowboy boots for the entire family to wear this 4th of July. Visit Tim's Boots today!

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Are you a fan of the show Duck Dynasty? If so, do you think they are rednecks? A friend and I have a bet. One of us says the people on the show are rednecks while the other says they are not. One says they totally act like rednecks while the other says they are too smart to be rednecks. Maybe they are simply rich rednecks?

Miss Kay sure does some delicious looking cooking even with the critters she is given. Willie Robertson’s children are very cute as are Jase Robertson’s kids. All of the wives are gorgeous. Have you ever looked at old Robertson Family Photos? The pictures are quite surprising due to the fact that the men are so clean cut compared to nowadays.

I bet the family wears western boots when they are not wearing their hunting boots. Which pair of ladies cowboy boots do you see the Robertson wives wearing? Perhaps Lane Boots Brandy Magenta Rose Cowgirl Boots will be seen on one or more of the ladies this next Duck Dynasty season.

The men from the show could easily be seen in a pair of Black Jack Alligator Tail Cowboy Boots. I can see Si drooling over these men's cowboy boots. Get yourself a pair of cowboy boots after you visit Tim's Boots today!

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Friday, June 14, 2013

When buying cowboy boots you may favor men's wide square toe boots. It could be a personal choice on the look or perhaps you are simply more comfortable with your western boots when they have a wide toe. Old West Men's Black Rancher Boots look tough but they are ever so comfortable.

Another great pair of boots include the Old West Men's Thunder Oiled Rust Boots. The fancy stitch is spectacular and the boots are only made from the best materials.

The cheapest pair of men's wide square toe boots are the Old West Men's Tan CanyonBroad Square Toe Boots. Check out the detail in these boots. This is a new boot and with the brown and blue they will go with just about any attire. To order a pair of western boots, visit Tim's Boots today!

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Not only do we carry cowboy boots for men, women, teens, children and infants but we also have biker leather! You can find a high quality black leather jacket in your size. One of our best selling jackets includes the black leather jacket made out of buffalo hide. If you are looking for a motorcycle jacket, look no further as you have found it.

You will find brown leather jackets as well. Ladies, you even have a choice of red leather jackets and pink leather jackets. We cannot forget about the biker boots! How do you like these Hand Tooled Crosses Biker Boots? Walk out of your home in style and show the world you mean business when you get on your bike.

Check out all of the wonderful biker leather including motorcycle chaps, biker vests, leather blazers, dusters, leather wallets with chains and plenty of motorcycle accessories when you visit Tim's Biker Leather which is affiliated with Tim's Boots.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Take a moment of your time to view the clearance cowboy boots we have to offer. You may find exactly what you are looking for at a steal of a price! The above boots, Los Altos Natural Python Belly Cut Cowboy Boots come in 11.5EE and are on sale just for you! These western boots were never worn as the customer needed a different size.

Get the rare hide of Eastern Diamond Back Rattlesnake Cowboy Boots in size 9D. These boots were also never worn! If you have been looking for a pair of rattlesnake boots, now is your chance to get them at an exceptional price.

Look at the shine on these Black Jack Cowboy Boots! You will be the envy of all of your friends when you wear these stunning boots. If you wear a size 11D you are the lucky one that can save money on these clearance boots.

These are just a few pairs of clearance cowboy boots that are offered. Visit Tim's Boots today to check out the rest!

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Father's Day is only one week away. There is still time to show your dad your great sense of taste and give him a spectacular gift of cowboy boots. Imagine your dad this Sunday opening up his Father's Day gift of western boots. If he wears boots now, he'll know the value of a pair of boots that will last. He'll also appreciate the comfort that comes with a pair of high quality men's cowboy boots. Even if your dad does not have a pair of cowboy boots, he's sure to fall in love with them after the first time he wears them.

Your dad will love wearing his boots to church, work, out in the yard, out to dinner and basically anywhere he goes. Can you picture your father in a pair of Los Altos Brown Rodeo Boots? These handsome boots are sturdy and ready for your dad to wear this Father's Day on June 16, 2013!

Maybe your dad is a bit of a rebel and would be amazed at opening up his gift and finding a pair of Black Jack Hand Tooled and Painted Cowboy Boots? These boots are sure to engrave a special memory in his mind after he opens up the gift.

You will find these boots and more when you visit Tim's Boots today! Get your Father's Day shopping done, NOW!

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

These horseshoes look amazing. If you have any extra shoes laying around in your home, garage or barn, you can put them to use. These crafty horseshoes are perfect to add to your decor and they make fantastic unique gifts!

Once you are done creating your own unique horseshoe art, all of you cowboys and cowgirls need to keep your boot collection up! You can do so with snakeskin boots, lizard boots, alligator boots and more! For instance, how do you like these Los Altos Military Green Ostrich Cowboy Boots? These western boots are a little more unique and the color is totally in style.

If green is not your color, then take a look at these Pandora Cowgirl Boots. Men, you will find plenty of other cowboy boots in black, brown as well as many other fantastic colors.

To find your perfect pair of cowboy boots, visit Tim's Boots today!

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

If you are thinking about redecorating your bedroom and love the western life, then this horse bed is for you. This equine bed is gorgeous and will command your attention when you walk into the room. You can find some lamps with horses on it or any western theme. Definitely get a throw rug with a texture to complete the look.

If you are redecorating your bedroom in a western style theme then surely you own a pair of cowboy boots. Or you may want to buy your first pair of boots right now! You'll find plenty of ladies boots, men's boots, kid's boots, teen boots and even infant boots.

Black Jack Beige/Brown Python Cowboy Boots are absolutely incredible looking! These boots are super comfortable and made with high quality materials that will last a very long time. You will enjoy these boots for many years.

Get yourself a pair of Los Altos Blue Jean Ostrich Leg Cowboy Boots. These boots are a wonderful color. You will love wearing them with blue jeans, skirts, shorts, etc. Get your pair of boots when you visit Tim's Boots today!

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