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Monday, April 29, 2013

Have your parents or grandparents ever spoken to you about May Day? On May 1st an anonymous person would drop a gift basket onto the recipient’s front door step. Usually the basket would have a bouquet of flowers in it. The flowers could be bought or freshly picked wildflowers. It was always a nice surprise and welcome to the gift recipient. I’m sure it’s a little aggravating, too, to try and figure out who the kind but sneaky person was!

This year surprise your loved one with a pair of May Day cowboy boots! Yes, this would be an extravagant gift but doesn’t your honey deserve it? There is still time to order. Even if the boots do not show up by May 1st you can fill a basket with a card that says a surprise is coming…

Choose from snakeskin, alligator, crocodile, elephant, giraffe, deer and other boot skins. These Los Altos Caimen Tail Biker Boots are perfect for the biker in your life.

These Star Boots Women's Tan Crazy Horse Cowgirl Boots will put an everlasting smile on your girl's face.
What are you waiting for? Surprise your loved one this May Day by visiting Tim's Boots today!

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Shania was born on August 28, 1965. She has been married twice; once to Mutt Lange and she is currently married to Frederic Thiebaud. Her birth given name is Eilleen Regina Edwards. She has one child named Eja Lange.

Shania has many country music hits. She also looks fantastic when she dons her ladies cowboy boots. You can get a hot look when you wear unique cowboy boots as well.

Check out these Lane Boots Margaret in Black/Gray/Ivory Cowgirl boots. Stunning boots from top to bottom! You will look and feel like a woman in these!

Men, we didn't forget about you. You deserve a pair of well-made handcrafted boots just as much as your lady does. How about a pair of Los Altos Brown Fashion Boots with Design. Ladies these come in your size as well.

You can catch Shania Twain in concert May 14, 15 and 16th in Las Vegas. If you are in the area make sure you get your tickets. To get Ms. Twain’s sexy cowboy boot wearin’ look visit Tim’s Boots today!

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Star Boots was established in 1974. Most of these high quality handcrafted boots come from Fairfield, NJ. The skins used in creating these western boots are hand picked by expert craftsmen from around the world. You will be able to choose from dress boots, biker boots and western boots.

Check out these rockin’ Star Men's 13" Grey Mulan Cowboy with Wingtip, Foxing and Collar. You'll love the two-toned grey color in this gorgeously made boots.

Step out in these Star Boots Black Deer Tan Cowboy Boots with Skull & Bone Inlay. Anywhere you go you will be the boss when you wear these kickin' boots!

Not only does the company make boots, you can select belts and wallets as well. Many of the products are in stock so you will happily receive next day shipping. To view even more pairs of Star Boots, visit Tim’s Boots today!

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Monday, April 22, 2013

When horseback riding surely you want to wear your favorite cowboy boots. When you return back home make sure you care for your boots. You should use a boot care kit to keep your western boots looking new. After all, you want them to last you as long as possible. 

You can also wear your favorite boots for riding and buy yourself a pair of boots to wear any other time of the day or night. Check out the massive amounts of boots you have to choose from! 

Check out these Star Boots Natural Back Cut Python Vamp. Fantastic texture and colors adorn these magnificent boots! You know you can see yourself wearing these boots every day. 

Another great and unique boot to choose from is the Ladies Snip Toe boot. This is one boot that is sure to catch everyone around you attention! You will want to wear them as much as possible since they are extremely comfortable. Live the good life and visit Tim's Boots today! 

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Friday, April 19, 2013

There are plenty of country music concerts coming out this summer. Will you be attending one or more country music concerts? Picture yourself on a warm summer night listening to one of your favorite singers live. You have a nice cold beverage in one hand. Your significant other or best friend is with you. You are relaxed, singing, laughing and having the time of your life. Life does not get any better than this! If you are not planning on attending any country music concerts, do give it a second thought as it is good for your soul.

Make sure you wear your favorite pair of  boots to the country music concert. Perhaps this pair of Los Altos Caimen Tail Biker boots is your rockin' style. Make sure you have a boot care kit to keep your black boots looking like brand new.

Ladies check out these Star Boots Women's Red Oily Nappa Cowgirl boots. Step out in style when you wear these western boots. You know heads will turn when you walk by. Sit and stand in comfort when you wear these meticulously made boots.

Get your country concert tickets but before you do, visit Tim's Boots today!

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12, 2013. There is still time to get your beloved mother a pair of western boots for her special day. You and your siblings can chip in together and get a great pair of unique boots for an amazing deal!

There are so many different styles of boots. You can browse through the website and choose a few pairs of boots that look like your mom’s style. Your siblings and you can make the final decision on the perfect stunning pair of boots for your mother.

Do these Cowtown Diamond Back Rattlesnake Cowboy Boots look like your mom’s style? These boots are exceptionally well made and gorgeous!

Is your mother into wearing pink? If so, these Los Altos Ladies' Pink Eel Cowgirl Boots. These boots are extremely affordable and the perfect Mother's Day gift. Choose your mom's gift when you visit Tim's Boots today!

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Lane Boots have been around since 2007. They started up the boot company with the idea that they wanted to be different. You can see by all of the western boot styles offered that Lane Boots has succeeded with their mission.

Lane Boots motto is “change your boots, change your life.” When you purchase Lane boots not only are you getting a pair of high quality craftsmanship and materials but you are also helping to give back! How you ask? When you purchase your ladies cowboy boots, men’s cowboy boots or children’s boots you are giving $1 to Communities in Schools. Communities in Schools will put your money where it is needed most.

Check out these amazing Lane Boots Love Sick Distressed Brown Cowboy boots. Beautiful, stylish and sexy.

Picture yourself out riding with these great boots. The Lane Boots Brown, Red and Blue Dakota Cowgirl boots are perfect for riding, dancing and anywhere else you decide to go. Step out in style. 

Lane Boots make such a variety of boots that you can find right on our website! As always you will get free shipping on your order over $50. Visit Tim's Boots today! 

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Friday, April 12, 2013

It’s that time of year. Your friends and family are having their babies. You want to surprise your loved one with a baby gift that is useful yet unique. The perfect gift is a pair of infant cowboy boots!

Check out these adorable Old West Infants Western Poppets- Baby/Infant Cowboy boots. Can you say, "too cute?!!"

When the mother-to-be opens up her gift she will be delighted. You will hear awww’s from everyone attending the baby shower. Just wait until you see the bundle of joy actually wearing these cute boots. Surely you will see a lot of photos of the little boy or little girl in his/her first pair of cowboy boots.

You may even decide to buy the next pair of western boots for the baby. Choose toddler boots for the little child to keep up with the unique boot styles. Check out these Old West Toddlers Broad Square Toe Western boots. Perfect for a boy or girl.

If you are not sure which pair of western boots to buy, you can always give the gift recipient a gift certificate to choose her own pair of cowboy boots or cowgirl boots for her baby. Take a browse around. Select your favorite choice of boots or easily purchase a gift certificate. Visit Tim’s Boots today!

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Another cowboy boot project for you to accomplish! You know you love your western boots and cannot bear to throw them away. You can make a cowboy boot purse with one of your boots. You may even decide to make two purses and give one as a gift! If you have an old leather belt you no longer use, you can take the belt and use it as the purse strap. No belt? No problem! Simply go to a thrift shop in your area and do some fun vintage shopping.

To make a cowboy boot purse you will need:

Janome Supplies Required
• Any Janome machine
• Ziz-zag foot A
• Bobbins
• Janome Leather needle

To view the rest of the details on how to make a purse please visit this blog. You will get all of the instructions you will need to create your masterpiece.

Surely you will need a new pair of cowboy boots to replace the one(s) you are making into a leather purse. Check out these Black Jack Natural Alligator Tail Cowboy boots. These boots will command attention!

Another favorite boot is the Cowtown Ladies' Natural Python Cowgirl boots. Wear these unique boots when you are at a music concert, dancing the night away, school, work and anywhere your little heart desires. All of our western boots are made exceptionally well. Visit Tim's Boots today!

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

When did you realize you needed a pair of cowboy boots? Were you a child and begged your parents for a pair of boots? Maybe your parents thought you would look adorable in a pair of cowboy or cowgirl boots and surprised you with a pair. As a teen you may have decided that these awesome boots were just your style. Or you may have been an adult and realized cowboy boots were just what you needed. However you were introduced to stylish cowboy boots you know that once you wear them, you never go back.

These days boots are plentiful. When western boots were first introduced I bet the creator never imagined all of the styles, skins and colors of boots that would emerge in the future. Check out these new Old West Black Cherry Cowboy boots! Sleek boots that are superiorly handcrafted just for you.

Ladies you will look phenomenal in these Star Boots Women's Whiskey Buffalo Calf Cowgirl boots. Whether you are buying your first pair of boots or your thirtieth pair of boots, these will rock your world! Get the boots you've always wanted when you visit Tim's Boots today!

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Make sure you tune into the ACM Awards tonight at 8:00 pm eastern time! You’ve probably seen the commercials building up to the show with country music singer Blake Shelton and his side kick Luke Bryan. Both singers are set to host the ACM Awards so it is sure to be a rockin’ hit!

You will enjoy performances by Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood and more! You can check out the nominee list to see if your favorite country music singers are on it.

Besides enjoying the performances, you will laugh and love the speeches by the winners. You will see plenty of fashionable attire. Make sure you check out all of the cowboy boots each performer is wearing!

Get your own pair of western boots. Men, a pair of Black Jack Elephant Cowboy boots are smokin' hot. Smooth, tough, gorgeous and comfortable.

Ladies, these Montana Vintage Butterfly Cowgirl boots are sweet, sexy and sophisticated all rolled into one! If you love these boots, make sure you give us a call for availability at 1-800-771-4214. Visit Tim's Boots today! 

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

If you are like me you love the look of cowboy boots. You may favor the color black or brown when wearing boots. Perhaps you have a pair of black cowboy boots as well as brown cowboy boots. If you have not checked out western boots lately you are missing out. There is an array of boots in colors as well as styles.

Check out these Los Altos Blue Gray Caiman Hornback J-Toe Cowboy boots. Unique boots in a unique color. Although these boots may be unique they will still match most of your wardrobe. Lucky you as these boots are on sale now!

Another pair of boots you may be in the market for are these Lugus Mercury Handmade Boots Tooled Gator Brown. You can tell that an expert craftsman spent many painful hours on these gorgeous boots. Exceptional quality and detailed style make these the perfect western boots for you.

Ladies if you love vibrant colors and want to stand out from the crowd, the Los Altos Ladies Violet Eel Cowgirl boots are made just for you. These boots are perfect to wear this summer with shorts, a long or short skirt and even blue jeans!

So many boots and so little time. Visit Tim's Boots today!

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Did you know that Tim McGraw’s real name is Samuel? His full name is Samuel Timothy McGraw. Tim was born May 1, 1967. He is 5’10”. If you are a country music fan you know that Faith Hill is his wife. The country-singing married couple have three daughters named Gracie, Maggie and Audrey. McGraw’s singles alone have topped the music charts many times. He has sold over 40 million units in the United States.

Do you like the way McGraw looks in his cowboy boots? You can get the same look for yourself, or your guy, when you don a pair of high quality western boots. Check out these Black Jack Ostrich Triad Cowboy boots. These black and tan boots are incredibly stunning. You will wear them with pride and confidence.

Los Altos Black Eel Cowboy boots are another fantastic look in cowboy boots. Easily find your size in this comfortable yet unique detailed boot. Summer is around the corner. You can wear these boots while out riding on your motorcycle, to work, church, a night out on the town or simply anywhere! Start your summer off right and get yourself a pair of boots by visiting Tim's Boots today!

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