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Saturday, September 7, 2013

If you have a toddler at home you can easily make this fun painting of a cowboy boot with masking tape.

What You Will Need:
Masking tape
Large piece of construction paper (not brown, dark blue or black)
Paint brush

Take the masking tape and rip it off in pieces. Make the shape of a cowboy boot or multiple cowboy boots on the construction paper. Make sure your child is wearing old clothes or a large t-shirt over 'good' clothes. Once this is done, set up the paint for your child. Have your child paint the piece of paper. He or she can use multiple colors and create a bright colored design.

Let the paint dry preferably overnight. Once the paint is dry, gently peel off the masking tape. You will now have a masterpiece that shows off the cowboy boots with a lovely design around them. Perfect artwork for your refrigerator or frame it and hang it up in your child's room. He or she will be pleased and build confidence when you take pride in his/her artwork.

If your child does not own a pair of western boots you may want to order him/her a pair. Start them off young I always say! Check out these Old West Children's Square Toe Crepe Western Boots. Perfect for your little girl whether they are her very first pair of cowgirl boots or second, third, etc.

Your son will adore these Old West Children's Ultra-Flex Western Boots. With the comfort of these children's boots your son will become a religious cowboy boot wearer. To see men's cowboy boots, ladies cowboy boots and more children's cowboy boots, visit Tim's Boots today!

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