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Monday, August 5, 2013

Calling all teachers! This cowboy plate is the perfect plate to make with your students. If your school doesn't allow the cost of a ceramic plate, you could always use a white hard plastic plate or even a paper plate.

To create the horse and cowboy hat plate, you may have the child draw the cowboy hat and paint it in. Of course it will not look like the photo above but it will be even cuter! Parents love their child's artwork so you may want to save the plate as a Mother's Day gift, Father's Day Gift or a Christmas gift.

To create the horses let the child use his or her fingertips. If the children are quite young, you may want to draw on the rest of the horse such as the eyes and the rest of the face, tail, legs and the mane. You or each child can write the name of the school and the school year's date onto the plate.

Your students will have a keepsake of their school year for the rest of their lives! Make sure you create your own plate. It would be a cute idea to hang each plate in your classroom every year you make the cowboy plate.

While making this awesome art project make sure you are wearing your cowboy boots! Do you have a pair of ladies cowboy boots that are similar to these European Goat Cowgirl Boots with Vintage Wingtip-Ladies Cowgirl Boots.

Another great pair of boots include these men's Old West Black Men's Work Cowboy Boots. These boots are comfortable and they look amazing! You can get both pairs of cowboy boots listed as well as plenty of other boots when you visit Tim's Boots today.

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