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Friday, August 30, 2013

Have your kids run out of things to do this summer? Maybe you are tired of hearing your child complain that he or she is bored. You can liven up the last few days of summer with a few fun craft projects. You can create a cowboy boot and a horse puppet.

Horse Puppet

What You Will Need:

Brown Paper Bags
Construction Paper
Glue Stick

Depending on your child's age, you can cut the construction paper to the forms above and let him/her glue the pieces on. If your child is a little older he/she can draw and cut out the pieces as well as glue them onto the brown paper bag.

Once the bags are completed and the horse puppet and boots are dry, you and your child can create a play. Have fun making up stories with each other. When the older child/children and parent come home the two of you can recreate the play for the rest of the family. It is all about spending time together before your child goes back to school this fall.

Make sure your child has his/her school clothes, shoes and boots ready for the September school year. Old West Children's Comfort Wear Western Boots are the perfect pair of boots for your child. The only time your child will want and have to take their boots off are for physical education and bedtime!

Old West Children's Comfort Wear Western Boots in pink and brown are another excellent choice for your daughter entering school this September. How cute would these boots look with her favorite blue jean skirt? You can buy your child/children their very own pair of cowboy boots or cowgirl boots when you visit Tim's Boots today!

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