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Sunday, July 28, 2013

As you know hiking is a great way to exercise. Even if you workout at the gym or inside of your home, switch it up a little and enjoy the outdoors. When hiking in the woods you also get the advantage of the fresh air and beautiful scenery. What a peaceful way to get your daily exercise in. You can even calculate how many calories you will burn while you are out hiking. Click on the link, fill in your weight, the duration of your hike and if you are hiking cross country, backpacking or hiking on mountains/hills.

Be prepared. Take plenty of bottled water especially on hot summer days, Band-Aides and other First Aid items, bug spray, lunch or a pick me up snack and a watch. You may want to wear a hat due to the sun and/or pesky bugs that like to fly around your head.

If you don't have a favorite pair of men's cowboy boots or women's cowboy boots, check out some of these handsome boot styles:

Lane Boots Damask Cowgirl Boots are perfect for hiking in the woods as well as dressing up in your favorite sundress! You'll walk for hours in plush comfort when you wear these ladies boots.

Men get ready for the Cowtown Caiman Crocodile Hornback Cowboy Boots! These boots are amazing and made in the USA. Picture yourself on a hike with your significant other, eating a picnic lunch and then out on the town wearing these comfortable boots. You can get both pairs of boots as well as many other styles when you visit Tim's Boots today!

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