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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How do you like your steak cooked? Many people prefer rare or what is called blue. Blue is when the steak is washed, thrown on the grill, still cold in the middle and set on the diner’s plate. Others enjoy their steak medium rare where there is just a tad of pink in the middle. Lastly, some people love their steak well done. Well done is what some might say is completely dead. There is no pink in the middle or throughout the steak. You will only find brown meat throughout the steak. Some folks that grill steaks or cook steaks say that cooking the steak until it is well done is a sin! People joke that the one that loves well done steak may as well eat a piece of soy meat.

No matter how you like your steak done, you can enjoy it at Outback Steakhouse. If you submit a picture of your cowboy boots to the Facebook page I Love Cowboy Boots you will have a shot at winning! If you win you will get to get dolled up or gussied up in your favorite cowboy boots.

Wear your Black Jack Deer and Goat Wing Tip Cowboy boots to the restaurant. These western boots are black and navy which makes for a perfect pair of boots to go with all of your clothing.

Ladies don your Lugus Mercury Handmade Boots Ruby Red. Sexy red and black cowgirl boots. Be the envy of all of the ladies at the restaurant!

So get your cowboy boot photos posted on I Love Cowboy Boots for your chance at a night out on the town courtesy of Tim’s Boots. Visit Tim’s Boots today!

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