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Saturday, February 2, 2013

This Sunday is the Super Bowl. Make sure you are ready for your guests. There are plenty of  football food ideas to go with.

For appetizers chicken wings are a must. Add sauces such as ranch or barbecue on the side for your guests to dip their wings in. A vegetable tray is great for the men and ladies to add a little healthy crunch. An assortment of chips and your favorite dips are an easy add on to your snack table. If you are not serving a full meal you can add pizza to the table. To keep your football fan guests happy make sure you serve a cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza and a sausage pizza. Add onions, black olives, green peppers or whatever your heart desires. With the black olives spell out your favorite team’s name. Got friends or family members on the opposing team? Make sure you spell out their favorite team on a pizza, too.

Make a cute dessert of strawberries dipped in milk chocolate or dark chocolate. Then take a small tube of white cake decorating and draw on the football threads. Super cute and super delicious.

Have your guests bring their own beer or beverage if you choose. Or stock up on a little bit of everything. Hopefully you know what beverages are your guests favorites.

When the big game is over be sure and share our website with your guests. Let them know how easy it is to shop with us. Share the phenomenal quality each and every pair of our western boot has.

Check out these Black Jack Alligator Belly Roper boots in a classic cut:

If black cowboy boots are more your style why not choose Black Jack Hand Tooled Cowboy Boots with Cross Inlay. Magnificent!

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