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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

As you know Abraham Lincoln was our 16th president. Children are still learning about former President Abraham Lincoln in their history classes today. Here are some interesting facts about President Lincoln:

  • He was 56-years-old when assassinated
  • His birth mother died from a milk sickness 
  • He was the tallest president at 6’4”
  • His home state was Illinois 
  • Even though he was a strong and talented wrestler that was proficient with an axe, he did not like killing animals even if it was for food 
  • Lincoln owned cats, dogs, horses and a turkey 
  • He was the first president to don a beard 
  • He had depression quite bad but would joke around and laugh with his friends and family 

I can picture this president wearing men’s cowboy boots. If I saw President Lincoln with a pair of boots I’d imagine he’d be wearing a pair of brown Black Jack Caiman Belly cowboy boots. I don’t see him in anything too flashy. Western boots that are sophisticated and brown seem to fit the 6’4” former president.

I can also picture Lincoln wearing a pair of black Tim's Boots Private Label Wild Alligator Belly Boots. These boots are sleek and would go well with the president's attire. Which pair of boots can you picture Honest Abe wearing?

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