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Friday, February 15, 2013

Have you ever heard of how Valentines Day started? Many people think and say, “Hallmark created this holiday.” Or people simply do not know and really have not thought about it. It all started when a Christian Saint named Valentinus illegally married couples by performing weddings that were forbidden by soldiers. The other forbidden act St. Valentinus performed was ministering to Christians. He was imprisoned and executed on the date of February 14.

St. Valeninus is said to have healed the daughter of the man who imprisoned him. Before he was executed he sent her a card and signed it, “from your Valentine.” Who would have thought that this was just the beginning of this celebrated holiday?

How did you celebrate your Valentines Day? Perhaps you took your sweetheart out to dinner. Maybe you showered your significant other with gifts. The two of you may have shown your love with a specially chosen card. However, you spent your Valentines Day make sure you show your partner how much you love him/her each and every day.

One way to show your love is to surprise your honey with a pair of men’s cowboy boots or ladies cowboy boots. You don’t have to wait until next Valentines Day to surprise him or her with a pair of fantastic looking boots that are made with the highest quality.

Boots to choose from include Old West Men's Black Rancher Boots. These western boots are so comfortable your cowboy will never take them off.

A pair of cowgirl boots for your lady include these Los Altos Desert Wing Tip Choco Oryx Western Boot. The two of you will be ready to saddle up and hit the town!

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