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Wednesday, October 31, 2012
 New Print Boots Available ~

 Los Altos

For those who like the look of exotic leather boots, but do not want to pay the price of genuine exotic boots, we now have new Print Cowboy Boots and Print Cowgirl Boots available in the Los Altos brand. A variety of both Men and Women's styles and colors are available in Alligator, Anteater, Full Quill Ostrich,  and Stingray.

Pink Alligator Tail Print Cowgirl Boots

Women's cowgirl exotic print boots come in an array of color choices. Red, Pink, Black, Brown, Buttercup, White, Winter White, Cognac and Oryx that all come in an all natural leather sole.

Brown Alligator Belly Print Cowboy Boots

Made from high quality leather, these exotic print leather boots from Los Altos look like the real thing at a fraction of the cost. This is a great way to get the look you want without having to pay the high price. The men's print styles are available in three different toe styles: J Toe with black sole, 3X Toe with natural sole and the Square Toe (this one is soon to come, so please check our website for updates.)

Of course we still have our famous genuine exotic cowboy and cowgirl boots available as well, this is just an update of our new arrival exotic print boots. If you have any questions please call our office at 1-800-771-4214 and we will be happy to help you with any questions or comments regarding your cowboy boot or boot care needs. 

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012
Bull Fighters.....and what they really do!

 Bull Fighters actually have quite an extremely dangerous job! If you have ever been to a PBR (Professional Bull Riding) Event then you know exactly what we are talking about here. Bull Fighters were previously known by the term "Rodeo Clown." Now days, they have sponsors to support them and wear the proper logos with added protection in their padded vests and knee pads all for one reason: To keep themselves safe while they throw themselves smack dab in the middle of harms way all for the sake of the cowboy on the bull!

A Bull Fighters job is to protect the Bull Rider (Who is a REAL Cowboy) from the bull itself. This means jumping right in to the middle of the action for the Bull Fighter whether the rider is falling off of the bull, stuck to the bull by his rope or the bulls horns, or trying his best to get away from the bull by running, crawling or flying through the air. All this is happening either during the 8 seconds on the clock or after the 8 seconds which can then seem to last an eternity for both players. The Bull Fighter has one thing on his mind - Get the Bull Rider to safety!!!!

Flint Rasmussen

Flint Rasmussen, the famous "Bull Fighter"/"Rodeo Clown" of the PBR appears to be all fun and games with his clown makeup and funny costumes, but he knows that this is a serious job and when the time is at hand, comedy gets put on the back burner.
Flint Rasmussen in Action
Interesting Facts:

Famous bull fighter, Rob Smets calls his job "a dangerous game of tag." It can get nasty in the rodeo world when you're it. 
(U.S.A. Today)

In the PBR, a qualified ride is 8 seconds.

The rider can not touch the bull with his free arm and is not allowed to touch the ground at all.

The bull rider and the bull are both scored, however each are scored seperately.

Spurring can add points to the Cowboy Bull Rider's score.

Bull Rider's 8 Pieces of Protective Equipment:
1. Cowboy Hat or Helmet
2. Protective Vest
3. Glove
4. Rosin
5. Chaps
6. Bull Rope
7. Cowboy Boots
8. Spurs

Are you ready for the PBR World Finals? It's only 7 days away and you still have time to order your new pair of Cowboy Boots for this big end of the year event! Call Tim's Boots today! 1-800-771-4214.

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Monday, October 8, 2012
~ What Are Hand-Tooled Boots?????? ~

Well that is a great question and if anyone knows about hand tooling, it is the Tim's Boots personnel! Our most famous brand, Black Jack, has a large variety of hand tooled boots to offer, but what does this exactly mean? Here is the details about hand tooling.

1.) Hand tooling is 100% hand crafted by a Leather Craftsman with leather working hand tools. Yes, that does sound a little cliche, but it is the truth!
2.)  The difference between smooth leather and hand tooled leather is that smooth leather is exotic or animal hide that has been tanned (professionally) and then dyed to a specific color. Hand tooled leather goes through the same process except that after it is tanned and/or dyed it is hand tooled before it goes through the boot making process. A craftsman uses his leather working tools to create an intricate design on either the shaft or vamp of the boot. Hand tooling can also be done on both the shaft and vamp depending on the style of tooling chosen.
3.) Hand tooling adds extra time to boot production. Since hand tooled leather is created individually and not crafted by machine, when you place your order for hand tooled boots there will be an additional few weeks added to the production time frame. It takes precious time to create such a masterpiece as this is not a step that should be rushed! However, it is well worth the wait.
4.) Hand tooling comes in either the color of the leather chosen or has added hand painted details to elaborate the hand tooled work that has been created. Below is the perfect example of how talented leather craftsman must be to create and tool such an exquisite design onto a piece of leather.

The Facts:
  • Since hand tooling is such an intricate work of art, it does bring an increase in value to the leather.
  •  There are not any two pairs of hand tooled boots alike; each and every pair has its own “identity.” 
  • Hand tooled boots make a powerful statement!
  • Each Black Jack boot is truly a piece of art all in itself.

Now, doesn't that make you want to go out and buy your very own hand tooled cowboy boot? This isn't just a piece of art you can hang on the wall, it is an actual piece of art constructed together in the form of a cowboy boot that you can wear out and show off to all of your friends! Or you might want to put this special pair of cowboy boots on display! 

Take the time you need to choose exactly what designs or styles that strike your fancy in the hand tooled choices on our website. One of the great things about Black Jack is that their styles never get discontinued. Once they start making a style of boot, it will stay in production as long as it is ordered! If you want a specific combination and can't find it on our web page, always contact us. Because Black Jack boots are custom made, we can make changes according to your specifications! If you have any questions, please let us know. Our Tim's Boots team is always happy to help you in any way that we can!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012
Lane Boots Styles

We now have several new Lane Boot styles on our website. Here is just a peak at what we have to offer!!!!

Ella Cowgirl Boots
Look at this sharp Peewee boot from Lane Boots. Its 8 inch shaft and saddle tan leather makes this a boot for all seasons. It has a studded spur strap and a heel that adds character to this boot. This boot will look great with a pair of pants or a skirt. This is an all-year boot and will not go out of style!

Avani Cowgirl Boot

This trendy Lane Boot is made of brown leather with cream feather embroidery and studs. It has a turquoise sole with a soft insole for an extra comfortable fit. It has a chic snip toe design and convenient side pulls makes this boot ready for a night on the town or just kicking back with ole' friends.

New Boots Now Available From The Following Collections:

Ashlee Collection
Avani Collection
Bailey Collection
California All The Way Collection
Damask Collection
Ella Collection
Esmeralda Collection
Jade Collection
Jessie Collection
Poison Collection
Wild Ginger Collection
Willow Collection

 Please stop by and check out our eclectic boot page full of Lane Boot styles, you will not be disappointed with the array of choices and colors ~ if you have any questions, give us a call! 1-800-771-4214 Tim's Boots has more boots than you can imagine!!!!

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