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Friday, September 21, 2012
 What are you cookin' up this weekend in 
your neck of the woods?

Steaks on the grill?
A heart-warming casserole?
Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies?
Home made vanilla ice-cream? 
Chicken and Noodles?
Biscuits and Gravy?

Those are a lot of yummy choices. How about a hearty vegetable soup? The weather is finally changing and it's time to get out all of those family recipes that keep us all cozy in the winter months!

Slow Cooker Hearty Vegetable & Bean Soup

And what are you wearin' to keep you warm?

Speaking of winter and the cold weather making its way down the path to your city, what are you going to wear to keep those tootsies warm? You probably know where we are headed with this one. Your right! Tim's Boots has the perfect winter boot to keep you all snug and you can still keep your sleek style that only you can pull off! Being different and creating your own look is key here and finding a great functional boot is a great way to start!

Men's Montana Boots
Black Cherry Goat Cowboy Boot
Men's Size 8-13
Width D, EE

Priced at $207.00

Black Cherry Goat Cowgirl Boot
Women's Size 6-11
Priced at $197.00

These Montana Boots are great for the fall and Christmas season. Montana Boots have been handcrafting Western Cowboy Boots Since 1938. The workers and artisans of Montana Boots have used the finest leathers and boot-making skills to create comfortable , durable and stylish western boots, many out of exotic leathers from around the world, some with the most intricate inlays, others out of rugged leathers for cowboys riding the range. Montana Boots are authentic in quality, styling and construction. Each boot is hand lasted, hand stitched and hand-cut with leather soles cut from leather bends at the factory and genuine leather stacked heels crafted layer by layer. The three-quarter welt boots are hand-pegged with wooden pegs and each boot is hand finished by expert finishers. Each stage of construction is an example of the best possible methods in boot making. All leather components superior leathers, colorful stitching, careful, workmanship and leathership by a dedicated family, all factors that combine to create the art of handcrafting the authentic western boot. Call Tim's Boots today to have all of your western boot questions answered! 1-800-771-4214. And don't forget to put your pot on the stove and bundle up for the upcoming winter months that will soon be upon us!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012
~ Carry ~ on ~ Tote ~
An American West Essential

Rich Chocolate Antique Tan Leather Tote

American West just premiered 3 new Carry-On Totes for the Fall of 2012, which now totals 6 in the Carry-on Tote Collection.  Each one is hand tooled in vegetable tanned leather one at a time on the front, back and sides. They come in six different colored leather choices and styles and are each accented with metal studs to give a touch of cowgirl flair to this functional travel bag. Each piece has either a silver concho or a brass or silver scroll buckle set. Each handbag features a brass signature keepsake and are  backed by the American West Lifetime Guarantee!

Brindle Hair-on Cowhide
Black Hair-on Cowhide 

Distressed Charcoal Brown Hand Tooled 

 Hand-tooled Vegetable Tanned Antique Brown Leather

Check out our American West page here to find more functional yet trendy totes for all your personal belongings. Each one is backed by the American West Lifetime Guarantee!!!!

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Cowboy Boots & Crafts

Are you that person who has a couple small (in reality they are quite huge) obsessions in life? Well, who ever said it was a bad thing? Especially when it comes to cowboy boots. If you are a cowboy or cowgirl at heart then it is mandatory to be just a tiny bit in love with the mere necessities that western life has to offer. Take a look at the following idea of a boot pin cushion. What a great way to incorporate your personal obsessions into other hobbies!

This cowgirl pin cushion will be a piece of cake to craft for those of you who have all the talent to accomplish pretty much anything! However, for those that need a little more help - the step by step directions  (with pictures, we might add) will make any try at this a success! Use your old bandanas for an even more personal touch!


Old West Broad Square Toe Ladies Western Boot

 Use your own personal cowgirl boot as a guide! It will give you great inspiration! Make it as detailed as you want - and remember: It is your creation and your obsession so have fun with it! For other great ideas of inspiration take a look at the different styles on our website:! Let your creativity flow!!!!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Boots for the kiddos !!!!!!!!

Tim’s Boots has a variety of boot options for kids - What kid doesn’t want their very own pair of cowboy boots to romp around in? Leather boots are a great wardrobe pleaser for mom’s because they don’t wear out like tennys and they clean up real nice for when your little one comes in from playin’ in that mud puddle you have told them more than once to stay out of! No matter the season - a great pair o' cowboy boots will get 'er done!

Lil' Princess

If your little girl is a princess like the precious little girl above, or if she is a tom-girl, we have several different styles and colors to choose from. Children's Ultra-Flex Western Camo Boots in pink and green, smooth leather, boots with brightly colored shafts (Orange/Blue/Lime Green/Red/Yellow/Pink), buckaroo western style, square and rounded toe styles, and western ropers!

~ Fall Tu-tu and Cowgirl Boots ~

MiaBella Gem Boutique Tu-tu

Great Boots to go with your little girl’s fall tu-tu!!!

All in all - Boots are the way to go no matter what the age!!!! Jeans, frilly dresses, pajamas, Halloween costumes and even to church on Sunday, pull on those boots and walk out in style and comfort! 
If you have any questions please call us at 1-800-771-4214 and we 
will answer all of your questions! Don't forget about that big 
holiday right around the corner, boots make great gifts and 
will put a smile on any face!!!

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