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Monday, June 11, 2012

Cowboys are born of a unique breed. They are easy to spot with their walk, cowboy getup and deep gruff voice. These rugged men wear worn leather cowboy boots, wrangler jeans, sometimes a vest or jacket with chaps, a cowboy hat of course, pair a spurs, shiny belt buckle, and a kerchief. They own a horse and call him their best friend. They drink steamin' hot coffee straight up, know how to put in a hard days work and live up to the cowboy code. Roundin' up cattle all day is what they do best, yet relaxing by a camp fire in the evening is a favorite. Ride 'em Cowboy!

Now take a moment to laugh at some cowboy humor...

Back in the Old West three Texas cowboys were about to be hung for cattle rustling. The lynch mob brought the three men to a tree right at the edge of the Rio Grande. The idea was that when each man had died, they'd cut the rope and he'd drop into the river and drift out of sight They put the first cowboy in the noose, but he was so sweaty and greasy he slipped out, fell in the river and swam to freedom. They tied the noose around the second cowboy's head. He, too, oozed out of the rope, dropped into the river and got away. As they dragged the third Texan to the scaffold, he resisted, "Please! Would yaw'l tighten that noose a little bit? I can't swim!"

Hope Everyone Has a Fabulous Week!!!



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