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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

By now you have seen the Mindy McCready child abduction saga. Mindy may face criminal charges. It is always sad when a child is involved in a custody battle. I know I have seen and heard about allegations of police finding Mindy and her son hiding in a closet in Arkansas. According to Ms. McCready her son was frantic and yelling for the police not to touch him or his mother. I have caught bits and pieces of this ongoing sad story.

Friday night country music singer Mindy McCready will be on TV in an interview with ABC News sharing her side of the story. You can get the whole scoop.

Did you know that Mindy suffers from severe depression? I had no idea. It was also news to me that she is pregnant with twins. Hopefully things will improve with Ms. McCready's life and her son's life. We wish her well with her twins. Every child deserves a happy and loving home.

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