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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ladies are you searching for a boot to meet your style? The Jackie Style Ostrich Cowgirl Boots are every girls dream boot.

These boots feature a gorgeous triad design that allows you to mix and match colors so that you can have a color for every outfit! The Nubuc Shaft helps the flow of the boot and offsets the triad design.

The Jackie Ostrich Boots by Black Jack are some of our best sellers so you know that they look good with a lot of things ladies wear or they wouldn't be buying them. This style is so versatile that it really can be worn with anything. You can have these made with several different styles in mind with many different colors to choose from.

So ladies, it is time to upgrade into the Black Jack Jackie Style Ostrich Cowgirl Boots so order yours today before they are gone!

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's time for Christmas everyone and there is no better way to celebrate than to get the Tan Crazy Horse Boots by Star Boots.

These boots are truly a Christmas time favorite.

The shaft is a beautiful Red Oily Nappa color. This is simply a beautiful color that is a must see. It goes well with many different outfits and looks. The rest of the boot is a great tan color. The tan and the red low perfectly together to create a work of art.

So, get the Tan Crazy Horse Boots for someone you love today. Or if you happened to make Santa's nice list, maybe he'll bring you some!

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Friday, December 11, 2009
The holiday season is upon us and the shopping deadline is fast approaching. After you buy your new boots, you are going to want to keep them in prime condition; and likewise, when you give a pair of boots this holiday season, you should remember to order the Boot Care Kit for your gift recipient.

The Boot Care Kit is compromised of several must haves for any boot owner. When you have this valuable kit, you know that your boots will last for many years to come. Most importantly, they will look like they did the day that you bought them.

You will get some of the best boot care products in this kit. Bickmore has made sure that they include products that you will actually use to clean your boots. They have even included a great guide as to how to best care for your leather products, not just your boots.

Order your Boot Care Kit today and include it with your gift, it will surely be appreciated and go a long way towards the future of your boots!

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Friday, December 4, 2009

These Black Jack Boots are made for you to make a statement. These boots are truly like no other.

These Black Jack Boots are simply remarkable. With a remarkable hand painted design, you will not be able to find another boot like this one. The skull will bring out your personality through your boots and will let everyone know who you are.

With the Black Jack HT108 boots, you get the absolute best quality around. The alligator used here is 100 percent American Alligator! You cannot ask for any better quality than that.

For a quality statement making boot that will last for many years to come, you need to get the Black Jack HT108 Boots.

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The Retro Romance Collection is a beautiful collection of traveling bags. These bags are great for anyone who travels and wants to bring their sense of Western fashion along with them.

The Retro Romance Collection has a lot to offer. From briefcases to shaving kits and duffel bags to ladies accessories bags, this collection has what you are looking for. All of this bags are made out of some of the finest leather available. They feature great designs from American West Leather.

This collection also has great products for everyday use such as briefcases, cell phone holders and even a great boot bag!

Any one of the items from the Retro Romance Collection by American West Leather would make a perfect addition to your assortment of Western style belongings.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cowboy boot makers – fashion experts?

Making boots is not as easy as one might think. As far back as history tells us, riding boots have always been essential apparel to equestrians.

The need for quality footwear and quality designs have yielded to ever more increasing need for more comfortable boots that horse riders and cattlemen could rely on. It thus led the way for mass production of cowboy boots during the industrial age.

Before all of this, boots were handmade, and the cowboy boots makers had to craft them scrupulously, trying to avoid any mistakes in the overall design. Ranchers, who spend a lot of time caring for their cattle, riding and roping, required that their boots be made from cowhide leather. This was quite comfortable as it allowed air to breathe well into the feet. Aside from this, it was very convenient protection against hazards such as barbed wire, snakes and other dangerous things.

Heels that were high enough were also a requirement in the boot making process as it prevented the boots from sliding through the stirrup.

The Early Years

Some time in 1630, when the first cowboy boots, with high tops and pointy toes, were fabricated, designers finally had the chance to create a new set of style and trend that ranchers and farmers could all relate to.

The industrial age helped the makers of the boots to sell large quantities of similar designs that the customers were satisfied with. Production of boots for women became a necessity as ranch holders also hired women to work the land alongside the men. Cowgirl boots became an instant hit.

Around the turn of the 18th century, as the boots became more and more fashionable, and as more and more women deemed it to be a trend worthy for explorers, noblemen and noblewomen, the Wellington design became a huge hit when Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo. He was supposed to have worn a custom-made design that was low-cut and that the tops were calf-high, thereby promulgating a trend that lasted a century. It reached the Americas and then evolved again into the image of the classic Cowboy footwear.

Over time, as the styles of the boots evolved and as demand increased according to taste and the designers’ curiosity to experiment with different designs, different sorts of colors and designs were introduced.

During those early years, there was known to be four basic variants; The Full Wellington, the Dress Wellington, the Hollywood Style, and the lace-up Packer. Modern day imagination of a classic Cowboy boots is the one propagated by the Hollywood Style as seen in movies. It is characterized by the stitching and carving designs on the top panel and the seam that runs up the back.

Cowboy Boot Makers and Their Modern Designs

As the 19th century drew near and colonial wars ravaged the lands all over the world, the military arms of different countries underwent a gradual change in their apparel. The boots were deemed unsuitable for terrains such as battlegrounds and marches through different wastelands. This meant a dire need for modifications and ultimate testing and experimentation was undertaken. This led to the normalization of every boot that had been designed and refashioned into more comfortable footwear for the soldiers and designs that offered quality protection from the weather, terrain and other endangerments.

As more and more designs were introduced over the years, the Cowboy Boot Making industry evolved once again and merged old ideas and new ones.

This meant going back to the old traditions of hand crafted boot making process, and incorporating new research that bestowed comfort upon the wearer. The classic roper and western style was revamped and ultimately restored to its former genius quality, but included a walker’s feel for the boots.

Cowboy Boot Makers Conclusions

These days, cowboy boots now come in two basic varieties; The Work Boots and the Fashion Boots.

These two styles came into being as popular demand and the Cowboy image catapulted straight into the imagination of the modern day era, with the help of old western stories and the spirit of exploration.

More and more Fashion Boots were made for the women as much as for the men. With high quality leather and materials that makes the boot last forever, it became a classic example of days past that live long in the hearts and imaginations of men and women.

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Old Gringo Boots Never Wear Out

Old Gringo boots, said to be the epitome of handcrafted, fashionable cowboy boots, are the perfect addition to any one's collection who values fine craftsmanship as well as design.

For nearly the last decade, footwear from Old Gringo has been created by a host of skilled craftsmen who utilize a unique process that involves over 100 different steps in order to create boots that are solidly made to withstand the test of time.

Old Gringo Boots - The Making Process

For each and every pair of Old Gringo's cowboy boots, a time intensive 110 step process is performed before the finished product is then tested and examined for superior quality.

Old Gringo also meticulously tans and designs all of their own finest of leathers, which are ultimately developed and approved by company owner Yan Ferry who is widely regarded as one of the absolute best boot makers in the entire world.

Other specific steps in the overall boot making process at the Old Gringo factory in Mexico involve cutting and hand stitching of the finished leathers which are then carefully assembled using the exact same step by step process for each and every pair of boots.

The Old Gringo Boot Collections

Western wear collections have never been the same since Old Gringo made their impressive debut in well known retail stores, western boutiques, and shoe stores back in the year 2000.

Old Gringo offers selections for both men and women in their vast collection of finely crafted boots and footwear, all available in a dizzying array of colors and designs.

Their ever changing and equally trendy boot collections include over 150 styles for women alone with almost 600 mind boggling color combinations to choose from, and the men's boots can be found in over a 100 different colors in nearly 40 styles.

For men, the Valentino collection can be had in five attractive color combinations that include choices like rust and cream, or tan and bone, or the ever popular black and chocolate cream. The Tattoo Eagle boots feature none other than a patriotic eagle prominently displayed on two different places while the Tattoo Snake pair has two rattlesnakes winding their way around each boot on the toe and shaft.

Other collections for men by Old Gringo include Elvis, available in nine colors, Alitas, Diego, Gator, Valentino, and Villa, all with five color choices each.

For the ladies, Old Gringo has so many different styles and designs to choose from that there's sure to be more than a few favorites for just about everyone.

For a real pop of color and a rather interesting design, choose from one of the three boots in the Puzzle collection in shades of chocolate, ochre, rust, green, red, and black.

The Windows collection features the relative new roper style boots, which have a low shaft rising just above the ankle area and a lower heel, and this style is characterized by their open and intricate designs covering the boot.

Women will also have their pick of unique styles such as Bella and Bella, both of which feature the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon, or Ooh My God with two studded crosses on each boot. For pure femininity, choose styles like Violetas, available in two elegant colors with a flowery design, or the equally dainty Lilly or Daniella styles.

And, for the ultimate in glamour choose from either the Rock Star collection (12 colors) or the shimmering Garza collection in six colors.

The care of your cowboy boots will, of course, depend on the materials used to make them, whether it be one of the various types of leather or something completely different like ostrich or alligator skin.

Leather must be treated on a regular basis in order to keep it supple and strong enough to withstand the rigors of regular wear and tear. Cleaning and conditioning your boots will lengthen their life and keep them looking their absolute best whether it's the first or thousandth time you're wearing them.


As with most things in life, you do get what you pay for when it comes to footwear, and with Old Gringo boots and the proper care, you can expect yours to accompany you on all of your trails and travels for quite some time thanks to the unrivaled quality and craftsmanship of every pair ever made.

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Sedona West cowboy boots are stunningly designed footwear for men, women and children. They are made from a variety of exotic leathers in amazing designs.

If you have been looking for a great pair of western boots, you should consider looking at this designer’s creations.

Priceless at an Affordable Price

The first thing that you will notice about this brand of cowboy boots is just how affordable a great looking pair of boots can be. Generally, exotic leathers such as the materials that are used in this great footwear brand make the price of some boots exorbitantly high. However, when you get a look at the prices of Sedona West boots, you will find that they are easily affordable and can be added to almost any wardrobe.

Many people enjoy wearing cowboy boots for the unique style that it brings to their wardrobe. There is a very unique look to these boots that can be considered to be cowboy boots.

The style typically has a pointed toe and a raised heel. The style of the heel is angled, which is sometimes called a walking heel and other styles will give a slightly lowered heel.

Cowboy or western boots are made of leather and sometimes very exotic skins are used. Some of the skins that have been used for cowboy boot leather include alligator, snake, eel, lizard, ostrich, sting ray, elephant, buffalo and elk. There are also other materials that have been used less commonly.

While Sedona West boots are certainly stylish and are not commonly worn for their original purpose, there is a very real reason for the style. The sole of the boot is treadless to ease the foot into the stirrup when mounting a horse.

Originally, the toe was more round than you typically see today to make it even easier to insert into the stirrup. Some of the pointed toes that are seen today would be considered highly uncomfortable for a real cowboy who is working in the boots.

These boots are made so that the cowboy can keep his feet in the stirrups once he is on his horse. Cowboys are often riding untamed horses and can be thrown at any time. The style of boot was important in keeping the man in the saddle during this part of his work.

When you buy your Sedona West cowboy boots, make sure that you get a proper fit. These types of boots must be fitted correctly or you will find them nearly impossible to wear.

A well fitted cowboy boot is exceedingly comfortable.

It is imperative that you have your foot measured and get a correct size chart for the boots that you are buying. Different manufacturers could have different sizing methods and the size that you normally wear will be different in boots made by other manufacturers.

The care of the leather in your Sedona West boots is a big consideration as well. The leather that you are buying is high quality and should be cleaned and lubricated frequently to keep them in good shape. Your leather will last you a very long time if you care for it properly.

Styles in Sedona West Cowboy Boots

Today, you will find some pretty elaborate styles in Sedona West cowboy boots. There are pink styles and shorter more fashionable boots for women and even styles for small children.

The footwear may have gotten more stylish and flashy over the years, but the original style of the boots has remained pretty much the same. The boots that people are wearing today are worn more for fashion then any cowboy activities that they might be performing.

Choosing your boots is a matter of taste and style. Many people enjoy a more subdued design and prefer their boots to stick with the traditional look of the cowboy boot.

Some men will even buy western boots to wear for formal situations. And other men will wear them for business as well.

Women's boots are available in a wide range of styles. Many women will wear them in casual situations with jeans or with western style clothing for a night out dancing. When you are choosing your boots, keep in mind what you will use them for most.

When they are worn for casual wear, boots can become an essential part of your wardrobe.

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How did it all start with the famous Lucchese Boots? At age 17, Sam Lucchese came to America in 1880 with his brothers. Just a short three years later, the legendary boot company with his name was founded in San Antonio, Texas.

While these boots were known for their fine quality for several decades, it wasn’t until the 1960s when Sam Lucchese’s grandson and namesake took over the business that they gained national recognition. Sam Lucchese Jr. was fascinated with the human foot and this prompted him to create cowboy boots that were incredibly comfortable.

Lucchese boots take time to make as do most high-quality products. These Western boots are made of only the finest grade leather. Every pair is hand-inspected at least twice. The leather seams are stitched once by machine and then repeated by hand. It’s because of this attention to quality and detail that Lucchese is synonymous with perfection. All Lucchese boots are made in the U.S.A. in El Paso, Texas.

The Collections

Lucchese offers several collections in their line of Western boots. Lucchese Classics has a selection of Cowboy boots, Ropers, Botin, Pony, Vintage, and Ladies’ Fashion. With the exception of Botin and Fashion boots, all collections come in both men and women’s sizes and styles. As a rule cowboy boots have a high heel (sometimes a lower, slanted walking heel is acceptable), round to pointed toe, and high shaft that usually goes to mid-calf. Roper boots are characterized by a lower shaft (stops just above the ankle), a low squared-off heel (less than one inch high), rounded, or squared-off toes, and sometimes a lace-up design. Botin and pony boots are short shafted and have a low slanted heel.

The 1883 by Lucchese collection is called that because the boots resemble those of the early handcrafted originals. The same traditional hallmarks of that era will be found in these cowboy boots. The collection Lucchese 2000 features a selection of cowboy and horseman boots, as well as Ropers for men and Jennys for ladies. Charlie 1 Horse by Lucchese is a line of mules, slides, stilettos, shoe boots, side-zip boots, cowgirl and pony boots for women.

The State Boot collection features boots that symbolize each state of the union. You’ll find unique colors and symbols, such as the state flag, bird, flower, capital, and state commodity on each boot. This collection was designed as an advertising campaign for the Acme Boot Company in 1949. Lucchese Cowboy and Cowgirl is a collection of Western boots for men and women. Lucchese also has a line of Western apparel, hats, and belts.

Easy Cleaning Tips

Cleaning and taking care of your Lucchese boots is fairly simple. Wipe down the boots regularly with a damp cloth to keep dust and dirt from getting into the microscopic fibers that make leather strong. Once the leather is clean and dry, use a lanolin-based conditioner on the boots. Take care not to use too much oil or wax as that can clog the pores and cause the leather to dry out. Use a cream-based polish to cover up scratches and keep your boots with a glossy finish. The exception to this rule is rattlesnake skin boots. For these you can protect the leather with non-silicon water and stain protector.

Some other tips for making your boots last are not ever drying them over direct heat. Let them dry out at room temperature. Since boots can mildew, never leave them in cold, damp places. Help them maintain their shape by storing them on boot trees. You can add edge dressing to keep the outsoles and heels looking new.

When it comes to buying cowboy boots, you get what you pay for. If you want a boot that is going to last forever, Lucchese is the way to go. Naturally, they are not dirt-cheap because they use the finest quality of materials and hand craft much of each boot. The end result is completely worth it. You have the ultimate comfort in Western footwear and your Lucchese boots will likely outlive you.

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