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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Having problems finding your cowboy the perfect affordable gift? Check out the beautiful Black Jack Rattle Snake Triad Boots!

These boots are great. They are a great mix of brown and a rattle snake skin.The triad design is a hot seller so if you are worried as to whether or not they will look good, you have no worries. Many people have come back wanting more of this design and that's exactly what we've done.

Since we have brought the Black Jack Rattle Snake Triad Boots back, we often have a hard time keeping them in stock. With the holiday season fast approaching, you can be rest assured they will continue to sell. With a quality name like Black Jack behind this beautiful creation of a boot, you know that you will be wearing superiority.

Don't miss out on these great boots. The Black Jack Rattle Snake Triad Boots won't be on sale forever, so order yours today!

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Rocketbuster takes fashion boot-ique approach
By Darren Meritz / El Paso Times

EL PASO -- Old World boot-making has collided with haute couture at Rocketbuster Boots, a boutique company in El Paso that's changed the focus of boot craftsmanship under the leadership of Nevena Christi, a former New York fashionista.

Part Western footwear, part kitsch and part high fashion, Rocketbuster Boots has carved its niche in El Paso as a retail manufacturer of tailor-made, one-of-a-kind boots that rely on cowboy fashion traditions.

But under Christi's influence, those boots have nuanced twists and borrow heavily from the latest styles, unusual fabrics and materials, and the whimsy of customers.

It's all a part of the vision of Christi, the unlikely owner of Rocketbuster who came to El Paso from New York more than a decade ago and is applying sophisticated design principles to classic Western craftsmanship.

"I'm different because I'm an artist," Christi said from her Downtown El Paso studio. "Every single step is done the old-fashioned way -- by hand."

In 1989, El Paso photographer Marty Snortum made a barroom deal to trade his 1953 Cadillac hearse for the upstart boot company, which was then owned by an Italian businessman longing to return to the old country. "So, (Snortum) woke up one morning, and he's got a boot company," Christi said.

Six years later, she stumbled across Rocketbuster when she was looking for six pairs of custom-made boots for a runway show. She went to Snortum, they fell in love, and she agreed to move to El Paso -- on the condition
that he give her the boots studio.

For the past 12 years, Christi has worked to make Rocket buster the premier custom boots manufacturer in the United States. And she has the accolades to prove it.

Essential to making Rocketbuster a success, she said, has been transforming what was once a tired formula into a custom-built factory where each boot is made to fit a person's foot precisely and with whatever unique design the customer wants. Rocketbuster makes about 10 pairs of boots a week.

When Christi took over Rocketbuster, the company had been using conventional methods designed for mass production, such as the use of cardboard cutouts for boot designs.

When Christi came in, she applied her background in art -- she studied at the Parsons School of Design in New York and Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London -- to the process.

She forced the studio to abandon cardboard cutouts and instead created a system to make each boot by hand for an exact fit for the customer.

"Everything we do is just very specific," she said. "Most of my customers reorder, and that's the thing -- they get hooked on the fit. They get hooked on the quality, and I'm proud to say they're addicted."

Be careful, though, because the addiction could prove costly.

Christi said only a small market exists in El Paso for her custom boots, so she's cast a wider net, marketing across the country to celebrities and others willing to pay a hefty price for her fit. Her customers includes celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, Thalia and Peter Fonda.

The cost for a custom pair of boots from Rocketbuster: from $650 to as much as $5,000.

Darren Meritz may be reached at; 546-6127. This story originally appeared in Style magazine.

About Rocketbuster
# Who: Rocketbuster Handmade Custom Boots
# Where: 115 S. Anthony.
# Information: 541-1300.

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A couple of interesting articles in the Nov 15th El Paso TImes

The art of the boot: Stallion Boots designer puts his stamp on Western icon
By Victor R. Martinez / El Paso Times

It's not unusual to see high-profile fashion designers from Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Celine of Paris and Christian Dior streaming into Pedro Muñoz Jr.'s El Paso shop looking for Western inspiration.

After all, the iconic designer of Western boots and owner of Stallion Boot & Belt Co. in South-Central El Paso has been designing boots that have been shown on the runways of Paris, Milan and New York for close to 30 years.

What is surprising is how nonchalant Muñoz is about being the boot-maker to the stars. He is by no means starstruck.

"For me, every customer is a celebrity," Muñoz said. "I don't think who you make the boots for makes you a good boot-maker. All our customers are important. When I die, I don't want people to say that I made boots for so and so or so and so. All people are great. All people have their own uniqueness, and if somebody is willing to spend money on a product that I make, to me that makes them a celebrity in my book."

For the record, Muñoz has designed boots for Bob Dylan, Madonna, Robert Plant, Ashley Judd and Tom Cruise.

Stallion Boots, all designed by the 52-year-old Muñoz, can be found in exclusive boutiques in 17 locations in seven states, including Boot Star locations in West Hollywood and Las Vegas and Bergdorf Goodman in New York.

The custom-designed, handcrafted boots can also be purchased in Canada, Europe and Asia in fine shops such as Colette in Paris and Trois Pommes in St. Moritz and Zurich.

heard about Stallion boots from a couple of people who own a pair in Austin," said Austinite Dena Stoner, who was recently touring Stallion Boots Co. "We were up in Santa Fe camping and went to the square to try on boots, and there is place called Boots & Boogie there. We were trying on various boots, oohing and ahhing about the intricate designs, and the gentleman there said the absolute greatest boot is Stallion.

"I tried on a pair and thought, 'Oh, my God,' it fit like glove,' " she said. "The gentleman said Stallion Boots are made with the finest workmanship, and I asked where are they made and he said, 'El Paso, of course, where all the greatest boots are made.' "

Stoner said she owned about 10 pairs of boots, but not one designed by Muñoz.

"It's an inspirational thing; one day I'll buy a pair of Stallions," Stoner said. "We've seen some wonderful boots all around town. El Paso is the boot capital of world."

It was with humble beginnings that Muñoz began his love affair with cowboy boots.

"As a young man, I was brought up on a ranch in Chihuahua," Muñoz recollects fondly. "My grandfather took me to one of those general stores in Zaragoza, Mexico, that had everything you can imagine. He had taken me for the first time to the ranch when I was about 5 years old. He told me I couldn't go up to the ranch without a pair of cowboy boots. I wore those old boots until they wore down to nothing."

Muñoz smiled at the memory of his mother's reaction.

"My mother used to have me dressed up very nice all the time," he said. "She always tells her friends that when my grandfather brought me back from that trip, I had cow manure on my hair and my ears and I was a totally changed man. That's where my love of Western wear began."

Back then, the look of the cowboy boot was a rugged tough shoe. It had to be when working on the unforgiving open range.

But during the past 40 years or so, the cowboy boot has undergone a transformation. It has gone from practicality and functionality to an art form with no end to the variety of styles and colorful designs available.

Muñoz's venture into the fashion boot industry began in 1980 at the height of the "Urban Cowboy" craze.

"I was 23 years old studying chemistry and biology," he said. "There where two main industries in El Paso at the time -- the jean business and the boot business. After 'Urban Cowboy' came out, people wanted cowboy boots, so that's what I did."

Stallion Boot Co. was founded in 1980 by Muñoz and his two partners, Jose Gallegos and Plutarco Rodriguez. Muñoz is now the sole owner.

"We filled a very small niche," Muñoz said. "Not very many customers wanted designed, custom-made, high-end boots at the time. For me, that was that market. Otherwise, to manufacture in mass and to compete with the big guys would have been impossible. I would have ended up out of business. I just started to fill niches for people who wanted a better made boot."

Stallion Boot & Belt Co. has been featured in many international, national and regional magazines and newspapers over the years, including being named one of the top 25 Custom Bootmakers by Texas Monthly in 2002 and featured in the book "Art of the Boot" by the late Tyler Beard and the New York Times.

"I still remember the first pair of boots I designed," said Muñoz, who also collects all styles of boots. "It was a very plain boot, just a nice calfskin boot."

Muñoz said he has about 160 pairs of boots in his personal collection.

Many people are surprised when told Stallion Boots is headquartered in El Paso.

"Texas and fashion don't naturally find one another in the same sentence -- particularly when we're talking El Paso," the New York Times said.

Muñoz simply scoffs at comments such as these.

"The people here love their roots," he said. "El Paso used to be the boot capital of the world as far as boots manufactured and quality; now it's the boot capital for the quality. If you want a quality-made boot, this is the only place you'll find it because the boot-makers, some who have been with me for 30 years, care about their craft."

Muñoz is constantly surrounded by alligator, crocodile, horned-back alligator and crocodile, caiman, lizard, elephant, hippo, python, ostrich and stingray skins. But most importantly, he surrounds himself with family and friends.

"What El Paso has been able to provide for myself is an understanding of the biculturalism that exists here because I grew up that way so that was a big advantage to me," he said. "Now, when I travel throughout the world, I have no assumption about anybody else's cultural or beliefs or standards. If I am willing and wanting to do business or pleasure, I need to fit my way of thinking to that of the area of the people. Having that exposure of being here gave me that understanding."

And when people ask him what he is doing in El Paso?

"I just tell them, 'I'm making boots' -- it's that simple."

Darn good ones at that.

Victor R. Martinez may be reached at; 546-6128. This story originally appeared in Style magazine.

About Stallion Boots
# What: Stallion Boot and Belt Co.
# Owner: Longtime boot collector and designer Pedro Muñoz Jr. designs boots for sale through trunk shows and couture retailers such as Dolce & Gabbana and Christian Dior.
# Specializes in: Replicas of classic boots emphasizing starbursts and flame stitching, as well as buck stitching and lacing.
# Prices start at: $500.
# Turnaround time: Six to 12 weeks.
# Has made boots for: Madonna, Robert Plant, Bob Dylan, Ashley Judd and Tom Cruise.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Ladies, are you searching for the perfect handbag to match your cowgirl style? Are you looking for a handbag that is versatile to match all of your looks? If so, check out our fabulous American West Handbag collection!

We are proud to feature 28 different and very unique collections by American West.

Each collection presents a unique style. Each one of these beautifully crafted bags is its own style in and of itself.

Within each collection you will find gorgeous handbags, wallets, checkbook covers, day planners, camera cases and even cosmetic cases! What a selection! And of course, they are all easily matched with each other and you can probably find a collection that matches your boots as well.

With so many options and designs ladies, you cannot go wrong when you choose an American West Handbag or any other accessory. Order yours today to have "Leather to last a lifetime"!

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Searching for a pair of boots that provide you with the ultimate comfort? The Star Boot's Women's Chocolate El Paso Leather Boots are definitely those boots.

These beautiful boots feature a great look. They appear to be worn in a faded chocolate brown color that will match whatever else you are wearing. The design is flawless and extremely beautiful.

They are made out of top quality leather and will last for a very long time. And when you order the Star Boot's Women's Chocolate El Paso Leather Boots, don't forget to order your Boot Care Kit so you can make them last even longer!

For the ultimate comfortable boot order your Star Boot's Women's Chocolate El Paso Leather Boots today at a very comfortable price!

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sedona West has gone out of their way for these children's boots! The Sedona West Child's Boots With Wings are beautiful. They have made these to match the beauty of your little girl.

The Sedona West Child's Boots With Wings are made for your little girl who likes to be out at the ranch riding her horse. They can also be worn for many other occasions and your daughter will still look great and be able to show off her blossoming personality. The butterfly design is loved by many with a blossoming flower to go along with it on the side. You daughter won't be able to do anything but love these boots.

Sedona West has made these available in either a brown distress or a waxi look. Either look on the Sedona West Child's Boots With Wings will look great and they will look great on your little girl so order today at!

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These beautiful hand tooled boots are simply beautiful. They look like a piece of cowboy art work.

These hand tooled cowboy boots are the boots for you and any occasion for you. They would look great on those special nights out where you get to dress up. But don't think that these are one occasion boots, because you can really wear them anywhere and look great.

They are hand tooled to perfection. They feature a one of a kind design that would make those around you look at you in awe.

When you order these hand tooled boots, don't forget to order your Boot Care Kit to receive an additional $10 off!

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