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Friday, March 27, 2009

Are you looking for a unique pair of cowboy boots? Here at we have exactly what you are looking for. Our Black Jack Rattlesnake Cowboy Boots will have you standing out in the crowd. These fashionable boots will surely have all the eyes in the room looking at the floor as you walk by. A unique pair of cowboy boots can make a dull outfit into a great, fashionable outfit. These boots will surely do the trick.

The Black Jack Rattlesnake Cowboy Boots are a compilation of premium skins and leathers. These snakeskin boots are made with the best hand craftsmanship in the business. These boots, and many others, can be customized to your specific specifications. These rattlesnake cowboy boots are available in Eastern Diamondback, Western Diamondback and Cane Break colors.

No matter if you are jumping in your truck for a quick run to the store, or headed out for a fabulous Saturday night, these rattlesnake cowboy boots will keep you looking fashionable. There are a variety of different ways to customize these unique cowboy boots. You simply have to choose which way is best for you. You can do so right at

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Many of you are ready to jump into the summer and get out of the cold of early spring. We have the perfect cowboy boots to allow you to do that at The Black Jack Kangaroo Ropers are gorgeous cowboy boots that will have you looking stylish all year long. The Black Jack Kangaroo Ropers give you the ultimate in comfort no matter what the season. With the purchase of the Black Jack Kangaroo Ropers you can save $10 off a Boot Care Kit that will keep these ropers looking great for the years to come.

The Black Jack Kangaroo Ropers feature super soft leather for a comfortable and fashionable feel and look. We have an amazing selection of different sizes, widths and colors available for these ropers. You will certainly feel that these boots are customized especially for you. You can even add a toe medallion on the Black Jack Kangaroo Ropers.

With so many different customizable features on the Black Jack Ropers, how can you go wrong? Pick up an exciting pair of ropers for the spring and summer season. You will find that these cowboy boots fit all of your needs. We have many other Black Jack cowboy boots available. Please check them all out at today.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Alligator boots are always in style. A new pair of beautiful alligator boots is a great way to break in the spring. The CowTown Alligator Hornback Cowboy Boots will certainly have you looking fashionable. Authentic alligator skins are handcrafted to make a premium quality cowboy boot. The snow has melted away and it's time to head outdoors. Your friend will wonder where you found such a nice pair of CowTown boots.

The CowTown Alligator Hornback Cowboy Boots are made from 100 percent American Alligator hides. Right now you can save hundreds off of the retail price on these alligator western boots. There are multiple ways to customize these boots so they are just what you are searching for in a quality cowboy boot. Four unique colors are available to match all of your western styled outfits. You will be dancing with the best of them on Saturday nights with the CowTown Alligator Hornback Cowboy Boots.

An optional boot care kit is available when you purchase the CowTown Alligator Hornback Cowboy Boots. This kit will help you take care of your boots for the years to come. We have many other CowTown boots available. You can view them all today at

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Thursday, March 19, 2009
Tyler Man Turns Boots Into A Real Kickin' Collection

By MAEGAN MCGOWEN Feature Writer

The distinctive smells of leather and cologne greet you as you
enter the closet of D.M. Edwards.
Rows and rows of boots, in immaculate, perfect order, not a
speck of dirt on them, line the shelves.
There are exotic boots made from the mountainous, craggy skin of
an alligator, scaly boots made from snake skin, electric blue
boots, deep green boots and a beautifully tooled pair of "Tyler"
boots, complete with the words "Lone" and "Star" emblazoned on

Even with 126 pairs, Edwards, a Tyler businessman and
self-proclaimed collector, is still searching for more.

"The goal over the last 30 years has been to have at least one
pair of boots of every exotic skin that's made," he said. "And I
keep looking for exotic skinned boots that I don't have in my

Glancing down the rows of boots on Mr. Edwards' shelves can be
deceiving because many of the plainest-looking pairs are the
rarest boots of all.

"Some of the ones that I have that are the most difficult to
find are the boots made from Texas turkey skin, Texas deer skin,
African tree-toads, African wildebeest, Australian kangaroo,
rhinoceros and hippopotamus."

Edwards smiled to himself as he told a story about a young girl
who visited his boot collection three or four years ago.

"When we finished the tour, she said, 'Mr. Edwards, I bet
animals run when they see you coming,'" he said, laughing.

Boots aren't the only thing Edwards collects, and as a tour
through his closet progresses, there are color-coordinated
western jackets hanging neatly, western ties organized on tie
racks and exquisitely crafted western belts and buckles.

"Being a native Texan, I've always enjoyed the great things
about our Texas heritage, whether they are from the frontier
days or the Old South days or the days of the Wild West," he

His collection began with a pair of yellow calfskin boots
belonging to his grandfather.

"They are too small for me to wear, but they have a lot of
sentimental value," he said. "My family has always had ranches
in Texas, and when dealing with horses and cattle, boots are
always the natural thing to wear."

This particular pair was worn by his grandfather in the
Gladewater Rodeo in the 1950s.

"My Grandfather and my Dad had a matching pair of palomino
horses and they would wear their yellow boots when they rode in
parades," he said. "The boots were made back in the 1940s, and
they are a good example of type of design you saw back then,
yellow with white trim and green stitching."

When Edwards rattled off a list of his favorite boot makers,
comfort, not aesthetics, was the most important stipulation.

"My favorite makers are Larry Mahan, a former champion
all-around cowboy, who makes some of the most comfortable boots,
Lucchese boots, they have a wonderful fit, and Tony Lama," he
said. "I also like some of the other long-time brands like
Justin. Some of the most interesting and unique custom boots are
by Rocketbuster and Rocky Carroll in Houston."

Edwards owns several pairs of Rocketbuster boots, including
boots resembling the ones Gene Autry, John Wayne and Roy Rogers

Most people would hesitate to wear such rare and unique
creations, but Edwards wears them in a yearly rotation.

"I get to each one about three times a year," he said. "There
are some boots like the electric eel skin boots that you only
wear country-western dancing on a Saturday night. You have to
pick the appropriate skin for the occasion."

And for someone who is looking to buy their first pair of boots,
Edwards offered sound advice.

"Go to any quality boot store and find a pair of French calfskin
or sharkskin if you want something durable to start your
collection," he said. "We're blessed in this part of the
Southwestern United States to have a lot of excellent custom
boot makers that supply all of the United States with quality
boots," he said. "We really live in the heart of an area that
knows how to produce the quality boots that Texans like to

When asked if he had to pick only one pair of boots to keep,
Edwards shook his head.

"I can't pick just one pair," he said, grinning widely. "That's
like asking a person to pick their favorite child."

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Calif. fraud suspect caught with $70,000 in boots
By DON THOMPSON, Associated Press Writer Don Thompson,
Associated Press Writer
Wed Feb 11, 6:25 pm ET

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - A suspect in a nationwide mortgage fraud
scheme who fled the country was caught at the Canadian border
with $1 million in Swiss bank certificates and $70,000 stuffed
in his cowboy boots, authorities said Wednesday.

Christopher J. Warren, 27, also was carrying four ounces of
platinum valued at $1,420 an ounce when he was arrested early
Wednesday while entering the United States at Buffalo, N.Y.

After he disappeared Feb. 3, Warren was charged with conspiracy,
fraud and conducting a continuing financial crime. If convicted,
he faces life in prison.

Warren is the second of three fugitives to be caught in the
ongoing fraud investigation of Loomis Wealth Solutions, a
Roseville, Calif.-based investment company, and several related

Court documents alleged they defrauded investors and mortgage
companies of $100 million since 2006. The fraudulent deals
involved 500 homes and condominiums in California, Florida,
Nevada, Illinois, Colorado and Arizona, according to Internal
Revenue Service affidavits.

Warren flew to Ireland on Feb. 3 on a chartered private jet,
then traveled to Lebanon and Canada, acting U.S. Attorney
Lawrence Brown said. Immigration officials were on the lookout
for him when he took a taxi from Toronto to the border at

Authorities believe Warren also had brought to Lebanon $4
million to $5 million in gold, which he had shown some of the
flight crew, but that has not been recovered, Brown said.

"He's a man of high style - all of it ill-gotten," the
prosecutor said.

Brown also said Warren was carrying two fake passports with an
alias, and authorities previously said he had obtained a
passport with another name and indicated he planned to go to

Warren had an initial court appearance in Buffalo on Wednesday,
Brown said. He was represented by a federal public defender,
Roxanne Mendez Johnson, who declined comment.

Don Heller, Warren's lawyer in Sacramento, said he was
disappointed that his client chose to flee, adding: "I think he
will now pay the price."

On Tuesday, authorities announced that a second suspect in the
case, Garret Griffith Gililland III, 27, of Chico, had been
apprehended in Spain in October. He is fighting extradition to
the U.S.

Authorities are still looking for Scott Cavell, 25, of
Sacramento, who they said fled the country a day after Warren

Brown said the investigation into the mortgage scheme was

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Today is a proud day at Rockmount as this new book on our
founder is released:

Ask Papa Jack: Wisdom of the World's Oldest CEO
by Steve Weil

This book is for anyone who has, or had, a grandfather. It's
about life, romance, and business with a sense of humor. These
are the thoughts of a man who loved his work until 107 years
old. It's a timely piece about a colorful entrepreneur with
insightful anecdotes.

"Papa" Jack Weil is to Western shirts what Henry Ford is to
cars. He made the first shirts with snaps, and his signature
sawtooth pocket and diamond snap design is the longest running
shirt design in America. His Rockmount shirts were worn by
Elvis, Ronald Reagan, Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan, and in movies
from the Misfits to Brokeback Mountain. At age 107, he was the
oldest CEO in the world.

I was always thinking of something new. But that's me. I'm a
dreamer. And I never stopped enjoying myself, not for a minute.

The West is not a place, it's a state of mind.

I've always believed we were never selling just the cowboy--we
sell the romance of the West. That's so much more...

The book is relevant today more than ever. He wrote this in
1975, but it could have been written today:

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is your little cowgirl in need of a wonderful pair of cowgirl boots? We have just the boots for her here at We have a fabulous selection of kids cowboy and cowgirl boots available. For your little cowgirl, try the Sedona West Kid's Orange Nobuck Leather Boots. These stylish boots will quickly become a favorite of your little girl. With multiple colors available, you can get a couple pairs to match different outfits.

The Sedona West Kid's Orange Nobuck Leather Boots come in many different sizes. Right now these cowgirl boots are available at a great low sale price. You can order a cowgirl boot care kit to make these boots last for years to come. Girls of all ages will love a fresh new pair of cowgirl boots to show off to friends. The Sedona West Kid's Orange Nobuck Leather Boots certainly will fit that role.

These cowgirl boots make for a great birthday gift, or maybe even as a gift for a great report card. The fine quality and craftsmanship will have you feeling secure that you purchased a premium cowgirl boot. We also have many other colors and styles available. You can view them all today at

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Friday, March 13, 2009

We all know that ladies love pink. Ladies, we have the perfect cowgirl boot that will give you all the fashionable pink that you need at The "Jackie Style" Ostrich Cowgirl Boots will have you looking fabulous at all of your special events. These Black Jack cowgirl boots are just what you need to kick off the spring and summer seasons.

The "Jackie Style" Ostrich Cowgirl Boots don't come just in the color pink. You can put together many different color combinations with this supreme cowgirl boot. With all of the options to customize this cowgirl boot, you will surely find what you are searching for that is right for you. These boots are handcrafted with excellent quality leather. The classic, yet feminine look is just what you need in a new pair of cowgirl boots.

Right now these Black Jack cowgirl boots are available at a great discounted price. If you are searching for the latest fashions, you know where to turn. strives to offer ladies and gents the finest boots on the market. You can view them all today and find your perfect match.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hand Tooled Cowboy Boots are boots that have been tooled by hand to be decretive as well as functional. We have some brand new hand tooled boots for you at The Star Boots Hand Tooled Natural Sunflower Cowboy Boots are some of the best looking western boots that you have ever seen. These leather boots will have you looking fabulous for all of your affairs.

The Star Boots Hand Tooled Natural Sunflower Cowboy Boots features natural sunflowers located on the western boots. These cowboy boots are handcrafted with premium leather. The elegant design is hand tooled by expert boot makers. You can customize your boots with your specific size and your ideal width. Right now these Star Boots are available at an unbelievable sale price.

Treat yourself to a new pair of cowboy boots this month. Roll spring in with a bang. We have many other hand tooled boots available. You can view all of these beautiful cowboy boots today at

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Are you looking for a rare cowboy boot that will make you stand out from the rest? We have just what you are looking for at Our Limited Edition Hippo Cowboy Boots are in stock and are ready to be worn. These hippo cowboy boots are extremely rare. Since there are only limited quantities available, you need to act fast and pick up your pair today.

The Limited Edition Hippo Cowboy Boots are made from genuine hippo vamp and an inlaid goat shaft. These BlackJack Hippo Boots are only available until the hides are gone. Expert craftsman put together these cowboy boots by hand with great care. Through our Web site there are multiple ways to personalize these hippo cowboy boots just for you. Right now they are available at a fabulous discounted price.

The spring season is only days away. You can start the season off in style with these fabulous cowboy boots. We have many other BlackJack boots available. You can view them all today at

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Are you looking for an exciting new cowboy boot for the upcoming spring? We have just what you need at Spring is only a few days away and you can certainly celebrate in style with the Star Boots Brown Sueded Buffalo Vamp Cowboy Boots. These beautiful boots feature extreme detail for an excellent look. No matter where you are headed, these Star Boots will take you in the right direction in a stylish way.

The Star Boots Brown Sueded Buffalo Vamp Cowboy Boots feature real buffalo sueded leather. We have plenty of different sizes in stock. Simply pick which size is right for you. This cowboy boot comes in two different widths to perfectly fit your feet. Right now these new cowboy boots are available at a great low introductory price. You will certainly love the great savings.

With the purchase of these cowboy boots you can save $10 off a boot care kit. This special boot care kit will keep your cowboy boots looking as good as new for the years to come. We also have other brand new products available on our Web site. You can view them all today at

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